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Deep Six Podcast 008: Thanksgiving Reporter / Marvel’s Luke Cage with Howie Mandella / Pick A Movie For Us To Watch

October 7, 2016

After his absence from the last episode, Matt is back with Steve and Dan for episode 8 of the Deep Six Podcast!  On this installment, the guys catch up with each other about their lives over the last few weeks, and they also talk about a whole lot of Marvel television and cinematic news and speculation.  In the main portion of the show, we get a visit from our friend, Howie Mandella, who joins us to discuss the latest offering from the Netflix division of Marvel, Luke Cage!  From the camera work, to the editing, all the way down to the color pallet of the show, we hit on a lot!  We also begin looking towards our landmark tenth episode that is coming up and our plans for that!  So join us!

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