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Deep Six Podcast 023: WrestleMania 33 Review

April 9, 2017

Here we are, even though the universe didn't want us here, with episode 23 of the Deep Six Podcast!  This time around, Steven is still in Orlando, FL after attending WrestleMania 33 and getting screwed over by Frontier Airlines.  But thanks to the wonderful power of the internet, Matt is able to join him via Skype.

This week the two discuss WrestleMania 33 from the viewpoints of someone who watched it from the comfort of their own living room, and someone who was a part of 75,000 plus fans live at Camping World Stadium.  From what matches tore down the house, to what matches bored us to sleep.  We also discuss where we think the show could have done better, and what we might have changed if we were in charge. 

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