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Deep Six Podcast 024: Trailermania is Runnin’ Wild, Brother! (New Movie/TV Trailer Discussion) / Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino Review

April 23, 2017

 The gang is finally all back together in one location and that means you get to enjoy an all new episode of the Deep Six Podcast!  At the start of this episode, Steven gives us his "magical" review of the recent limited edition Unicorn Frappucino from Starbucks.  Spoiler alert, Dan didn't think the drink was so magical, but does that really surprise anyone?

But that's not all we've got for you on this episode!  Quite a few trailers for upcoming films and television shows have dropped over the last week or two, and we're watching them and breaking them down.  "Justice League," "Thor: Ragnarok," "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," "IT," "Detroit," and "Cloak & Dagger," are all on tap!  So sit back, relax, and listen to three over opinionated nerds speculate on some of the most anticipated films to come out over the next year.

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