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Deep Six Podcast 027: Wonder Woman / Jinder Mahal as WWE Champion / Marvel and WWE Theme Park Ideas

June 4, 2017

It's time once again for another episode of the always entertaining Deep Six Podcast! Matt and Steven are both back this time to discuss a slew of topics! First, Matt gives us a spoiler free review of the newest film set within the DCEU, "Wonder Woman!" We all know how much of a DC fanboy Matt is, but is it possible that he wasn't impressed with this latest offering!? Listen and find out!

Next we get into discussing the newest WWE World Heavyweight Champion, "the Modern Day Maharaja," Jinder Mahal! From what we think of him as champion, to what we think of internet commenters who disapprove of him being champion, and even trying to figure out why some WWE fans can't seem to figure out that it's not real life...

Finally, Steven geeks out over the new "Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout," attraction featured at Disneyland in California! The guys also speculate on what could come for Marvel within Disney Parks, and they also discuss the recent rumor that the WWE is, or was, considering getting into the theme park business!

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