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Deep Six Podcast 036: SummerSlam Recap / New Marvel TV Properties / Joker Origin Film

August 27, 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, the podcast provider of your choosing proudly brings to you yet another podcast where a bunch of nerds talk about some stuff!  With the ever so boring Steven Spevak, and the absolute jerk Matt Barnes, its the Deep Six Podcast!

First on the agenda this week, the boys give their honest opinions of last weekends summer wrestling extravaganza, WWE SummerSlam weekend!  From the show results, to what we think should have happened, and everything in between, they discuss it all!

Following that, we get the latest list of names from the second week of the WWE 2K18 roster reveal!  This week there are 37 names, such as Eddie Guerrero, Daniel Bryan, Bobby Roode, and John Cena, to add to the 46 that were revealed the week prior.

Next the guys try and make sense of the news that ABC is developing a new Marvel television property that is being described as, "Jessica Jones-esque."  Who could possibly be the main focus of said show?  Matt and Steven give us their thoughts!

Lastly, we dive into the announcement that DC / Warner Brothers are developing a film focusing on the origin of the Joker.  Headed up by Todd Phillips, Scott Silver, and... Martin Scorsese!?  What the what!? 

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