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Deep Six Podcast 055: A Look Into DC’s Publishing Plans / Kaz Hirai Stepping Down As Sony CEO / HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ Series Lands Director

February 5, 2018

Woah, January is finally over, and February has finally arrived, and along with it comes a brand new episode of the Deep Six Podcast with Steven and Matt!


This week starts off with a plethora of DC comic news! First, we finally have official word that Brian Michael Bendis will be taking over as the writer for Super Man after Action Comics #1000! We also mark our calendars as we have an official date for the upcoming nuptials between Batman and Catwoman! On top of all that DC announced DC Nation #0 to be released a week before Free Comic Book Day this May, previewing three of its major storylines all for a cover price of 25 cents!


We follow that up with gaming news where Matt informs us of the free PS Plus titles for this month, along with some more information on Nintendo's LABO project. We also get some updates on a few topics discussed last week, such as BioWare officially delaying 'Anthem' into 2019, 'Dragon Age's' producer responding about the games "live elements," and we get an update on the release date for 'Red Dead Redemption 2!" We also learn that Kaz Hirai will be stepping down as the CEO of Sony, and that Microsoft seems to be interested in acquiring EA, Valve, and Pubg Corp.


To close out this weeks show, we jump into entertainment news with the report that HBO's 'Watchmen' series has landed a director in Nicole Kassell! We also discuss the newly announced 'Metropolis' series announced for DC's digital network, on top of Nintendo confirming a Mario film is in development, and more!


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