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Deep Six Podcast 057: Avengers Infinity War / Marvel’s “Fresh Start” / Porn Game Offers The “Ultimate Character Creator”

March 5, 2018

The boys are back in town as Steven and Matt return with an all new episode of the Deep Six Podcast!


Things move around this week as we start off with television and film news! From the recent change of 'Avengers: Infinity War's' release date, to 'Captain Marvel's' screen writer talking about the tone of the upcoming film staring Brie Larson, and the potential that Red Skull is still alive somewhere, there's a lot of MCU Discussion! We also hit on the report that Kristen Wiig is in talks for a role in 'Wonder Woman 2,' and how Netflix is working on a vigilante superhero film and looking at Keanu Reeves to star in it!


In comic news, we talk about two new projects coming from Brian Michael Bendis' 'Jinxworld' imprint, and DC Comics launching a whole universe for 'Sandman' under the guide of Neil Gaiman. We also discuss Marvel teasing the return of the Fantastic Four with recent solicitations, as well as Marvel attempting a "fresh start" this May with a bunch of new #1's!


Finally we arrive at gaming news, and oh boy is it a doozie this week! We start off with the news that President Trump will be meeting with "members of the video game industry" this week to discuss video games and their effects on young people. Following that is talk of the Nintendo Switch console turning a year old, PS4's 'Detroit: Being Human' getting an official release date, and the first episode of 'Orwell: Ignorance Is Strength.' Not only that, but we also have what could quite possibly be the best gaming story ever discussed on our podcast, as we discuss the "ultimate character creator" found inside 'Honey Select Unlimited!' You seriously don't want to miss this one!


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