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Deep Six Podcast 058: DC’s New ‘Black Label’ Imprint / Nintendo Direct Reveals / New ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ News

March 11, 2018

It's Monday, so you know what that means! Steven and Matt are back with a brand spankin' new episode of your favorite nerd news podcast, the Deep Six Podcast!


We start with the quick hits for this week featuring Mark Hamill's lack of knowledge of 'The Witcher,' but his willingness to be involved, as well as Amazon's Alex realizing everyone’s deepest, darkest fear, to Vin Diesel signing on to be part of Valiant comic's 'Bloodshot' film!


This launches us into comic news where we break down the announcement of yet another imprint of DC Comics, dubbed 'Black Label.' Following that Steven shares his excitement for Kelly Thompson's upcoming 'Nancy Drew' comic from Dynamite Entertainment, Marvel makes a major change to Groot in 'Infinity Countdown,' Deadpool joins Marvels 'Fresh Start' lineup along with Sentry, and we breakdown PreviewsWorld's featured new releases for the week!


Gaming news starts off with Matt paying tribute to the late CEO of GameStop, J. Paul Raines. We then turn it over to a follow up on President Trump's summit on violent video games, some PS4 updates and game delays, the slew of titles announced by Nintendo at their recent Nintendo Direct event, along with news on 'State of Decay 2,' 'Crash Bandicoot,' 'The Division 2,' and 'Fortnite!'


This weeks entertainment news closes out the show, but to be fair, we should have just called it the 'Avengers: Infinity War' roundup this week. From the fifteen different character covers for the recent oversized issue of Entertainment Weekly, to the reveal of nine new stills from the film, its runtime, that just begins to scratch the surface of our discussion of Marvel superhero epic due out next month. We also talk about a few articles that reveal information on some of the characters in the film, as well as Kevin Feige's comments about the finality of death in the MCU and what it means for 'Infinity War!'


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