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Deep Six Podcast 063: We’re Back / MegaCon Orlando 2018 / E3 Is Coming

May 28, 2018

It's an all new episode of the Deep Six Podcast, with Matt Barnes and Steven Spevak!  Yes, after a month long absence your favorite nerdy news podcast is back!  Did you miss us?


We start off with finding out the reason behind the time off, and we learn about what the guys have been up to during the break! Like Steven attending MegaCon Orlando this past weekend!


That gets us into comic news where Steven discusses his former instructor, Ethan Kennett, self publishing his own comic, "Torlena!"  We also take a look at Previews World's featured new releases for this week, and what is on Steven's pull list!


Matt also gives us a tiny bit of gaming news with talk of the PS4 ending its life cycle, and previewing the upcoming E3 conference!  On top of that, we find out what Matt has been playing recently!


Lastly the guys give us some brief thoughts on "Avengers: Infinity War," as well as, "Deadpool 2!"


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