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Deep Six Podcast 065: DIE!DIE!DIE! / Monster Prom / Robocop Returns

July 17, 2018

Hey guys, here is episode 65 of the Deep Six Podcast with Steven Spevak and Matt Barnes! Forgive me if the notes for this episode are lacking a little, but we recorded really late and it's almost 2:00AM as I'm writing these out, a.k.a. its way past my bedtime...


This week we talk about some things, and some stuff, and some other things. Like some comic things, and video game stuff, and television bits, and even movie thingy-ma-jiggers... Who would have ever thunk that those would be the things we discuss on this nerd podcast!?


But seriously, we're just really excited to be back and giving everyone the grade A, ever so fantastical, magic in a bottle content that you've come to know and love from the Deep Six Podcast! Thanks for listening!


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