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Deep Six Podcast 034: Deadpool 2 Cable First Impressions / Netflix Buys MillarWorld / Disney Streaming Service

August 13, 2017

Another Sunday, another episode of the Deep Six Podcast with your hosts Steven Spevak, and Matt Barnes!  

At the top of this weeks episode, the boys give us their thoughts on the first few images we've seen of Josh Brolin as Cable in the upcoming film from Fox, Deadpool 2!  Everyone on the internet seems to like what they saw, but did we?  Make sure you listen to find out!

Next the guys discuss the news that Netflix has acquired Mark Millar's, "MillarWorld!"  From what properties the guys would like to see Netflix adapt from the long list that MillarWorld has, to what could happen now that Netflix owns a comics publisher.

Sticking with Netflix, the guys then go on to talk about Disney's decision to pull their films off the streaming service in favor of launching their own in 2019.  We speculate on what could make a Disney streaming service successful, and what they'd have to do to get us on board with the idea.

Lastly, theres been an interesting take floating around the internet this week on whether or not Disney could stop publishing Marvel comic books.  While this may not be happening anytime soon, Matt and Steven discuss what it would me for the comic book industry and more!

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